MSc. Biologist and nutritionist, ASCA recognized

The master’s degree in biology allows me to understand how our diet profoundly influences biochemical and physiological processes, as well as the functionality of our immune system, the basis of our health. The knowledge acquired with the Master in Prevention and Health Promotion allows me to support you during your transformation journey, also working on motivation and on identifying and strengthening your resources.

The greatest experts on yourself are YOU: my job as a consultant is to help you expand your skills on healthy nutrition and lifestyle, so as to allow you to make, step by step, more conscious daily choices that allow you to maintain or improve your state of health, your ideal weight and your energy state in all conditions and without distorting your way of being.

However, I must clarify one thing immediately. Pure calorie counting is not part of the method I offer, because it only wastes a lot of effort, with the risk of only finding yourself hungrier and more frustrated…

The “bare and raw” calorie counting does not take into account the variations, even significant, in energy needs due to sporting activity, stress, more or less serious pathologies, inflammation… even the composition and timing of meals can influence it!

Making calculations without taking into account chronobiology and the hypothalamic regulation of metabolism really risks being frustrating, because you end up taking energy away from your body, leading an unsustainable lifestyle in the long term, not to mention that you can also create problems such as loss of active cell mass and metabolic slowdown.

A more comprehensive vision of how nutrition and lifestyle influence our metabolism helps to understand how and why to gradually but definitively change some habits that “work against us” and rediscover well-being through a new lifestyle that however, take into account our times, inclinations and tastes.

Recovering the hunger/satiety balance is the key to freeing yourself from the slavery of weighed foods and measuring calories, to achieve not only the right shape, but also to prevent or help resolve digestion and metabolism disorders such as swelling and pain abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, dyslipidemia, hypertension, type 2 diabetes.

A careful anamnesis can trace the causes of the symptoms of food-related inflammation and is the starting point for setting up a therapy for recovering tolerance to various foods such as wheat, dairy products, etc., reducing the symptoms (headache, hives, irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat, tiredness) and improving the quality of life without resorting to various “free” products.

Combining correct nutrition with regular training is crucial to improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries and overcome yourself (and your opponents) in competition. Starting a physical activity by sedentary people leads to unexpected results in terms of reactivation of the metabolism and loss of fat mass even in the most “lazy” people.

Book your appointment today or ask for a free 15-minute telephone consultation now, to start a truly new journey towards physical fitness, mental well-being, new energy and newfound health!


Consultations in English, German, or Italian. Since I am an ASCA-accredited therapist.

The costs can be partially overtaken by several insurance companies (please verify by your insurance company).


(new customers only) telephone advice up to 15 minutes – FREE


60-75 min., inclusive of: examination, bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat mass, muscle mass, intra- and extra-cellular water), comprehensive typed report with your personalized targets, strategies, recipes and inspirations for the weekly menu, questions per telephone/email – 230 CHF.
Without Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA) – 170 CHF


45-60 min., inclusive of: examination, bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat mass, muscle mass, intra- and extra-cellular water), synthesis handwritten report of targets and strategies – 170 CHF.
Without Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA) – 110 CHF


15 min., only bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat and muscle mass, extra-cellular water), verbal comments + results per Email – 100 CHF


Online consultation (only follow-ups) – 100 CHF

Package “Intensive”

12 weeks entirely dedicated to your 360-degree well-being: nutrition, integration, mindfulness and fitness.
Close appointments and my constant support will help you “stay on track”, keep your motivation high and perceive your transformation more consciously.
The package includes a maximum of 5 appointments with BIA (1 Top + max 4 Light), to be carried out within 12 weeks – 700 CHF

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Guide to a healthy gracery shopping by your favourite supermarket (I will suggest the branch) – for groups of min. 2 persons – 40 CHF/p.p.


Invoice printing and shipping – 3 CHF
Printing and shipping of invoice and graphics – 6 CHF
Printing and shipping of invoices, reports and graphs – 15 CHF


Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be fully charged!

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