Do you still count calories when you’re following a diet?

You should know that it’s an obsolete and frustrating method to gain or regain fitness. It’s obsolete because the knowledge at its base are now overcome by the multiple scientific evidences on the hypotalamus’ role in the metabolic regulation; it’s frustrating because every low-calorie diet is set to fail on the long term, with the regaining of all the weight lost with sacrifice and often with several consequences on the general state of health.

Signal nutrition is a new nutritional paradigma, with which approaching nutrition. It has a solid scientific base and it’s tailored on the individual peculiarities, needs and – why not? – tastes. Not another program to be followed for a few weeks, but a step-by-step pathway to a new lifestyle.

Eating normalcaloric and normalproteic and recovering a true and reliable sense of satiety allow you not only to set free from the old slavery to food weighing and calorie counting and lead you get naturally into shape, but also to prevent digestive and metabolic disorders (or help to recover from them), like abdominal bloating and pain, costipation or diarrhea, dyslipidaemia, hypertension, diabete type 2.

A careful anamnestic examination will determine the reasons of several “food sensitivities”, in order to set a therapeutic strategy to a recovered tolerance to specific food groups like wheat and milk products; many symptoms (like headache, hives, itches, irritation of mucous membranes, fatigue) can be reduced with a significant improvement of the quality of life and without using expensive “free from” products.

Combining a proper nutrition to training is crucial, in order to improve your athletic performance, to reduce the risk of injuries and to go beyond themselves (and overtake the opponents) during a race. A gradual but resolute guided introduction to regular physical activity leads also the “laziest” to unhoped-for results, in terms of metabolic activation and fat mass loss.

Set up your appointment with Dr. Tatiana Gaudimonte today or request now your 15-minutes free advice by phone and start a really new path toward your shape, mental wellness, renewed energy and recovered health!


Consultations in English, German, or Italian. Since I am an ASCA-accredited therapist.

The costs can be partially overtaken by several insurance companies (please verify by your insurance company).


(new customers only) telephone advice up to 15 minutes – FREE


60-75 min., inclusive of: examination, bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat mass, muscle mass, intra- and extra-cellular water), comprehensive typed report with your personalized targets, strategies, recipes and inspirations for the weekly menu, contact 7 days per week for clarifications – 210 CHF


45-60 min., inclusive of: examination, bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat mass, muscle mass, intra- and extra-cellular water), synthesis handwritten report of targets and strategies – 130 CHF


15-20 min., bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat mass, muscle mass, intra- and extra-cellular water) and verbal comments, to assess your personal results – 90 CHF


up to 30 min., telephone advice for clarifications – 60 CHF


guide to a healthy gracery shopping by your favourite supermarket (I will suggest the branch) – for groups of min. 4 persons – 30 CHF/p.p.


Without Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA) – 160 CHF each consultation, report included
With BIA – 210 CHF each consultation, report and BIA data and graphs print/email included
BIA, data and graphs print/email included – 90 CHF

The first consultation includes always the BIA and lasts at least 75 Min. Further consultations last 50-60 minutes. After each consultation you will receive a report and, in case, data and graphs related to the BIA. During the first week after each consultation, any further question or request of clarification via phone call, email, sms or whatsapp will be included in the consultation price. After that time, for any further request 15 CHF will be charged and you will receive a complete invoice at the end of the month.

Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be fully charged!

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