Dear all,

I don’t know about you, but I generally have very little “Christmas spirit” throughout December: I turn my gaze elsewhere in front of decorations and lights (also because they appeared in October), I shun the markets, which make me think of frozen feet and compulsive gifts, I can’t bear the smell of mulled wine, which only makes sense, for me, ath the endo of a good night skiing.

But at the very end, when the days seem to slip away like unfixed icing on biscuits (the sand between my fingers would have been trivial, isn’t it?), that, somehow, anticipation and magic light up in my heart.

Charles M. Schultz said that Christmas is doing something extra for someone, and I think he said it very well.
My wish for you is a Christmas full of extras and that you can love the presence more than the presents.

A big hug,


Pic Ben White on Unsplash