Effective and successful workplace wellness programs can help improve an organization’s productivity and change lives. Companies can also benefit from lower turnover rates, fewer absences, higher job satisfaction and increase in the loyalty of their employees (Forbes, 2018).

Nutrition seminars and workshops for employees, as well as initiatives aimed at improving the employees’ nutritional habits and to promote an active lifestyle are therefore an investment with a very high VOI for all sorts of company, from the family business to corporations. Anyone who learns to choose nutritious foods and to eat complete and balanced meals improves their work performance and their resistance to stress, which means more fruitful workdays and less sick-leaves.

What I offer: Seminars on healthy nutrition, consulting for the business catering, conventions for individual advices to employees.

Parents’ associations and/or schools:

Children’s schoolwork and behavior are strongly influenced also by their eating habits (cfr. paper “Effects of diet on behaviour and cognition in children” – BJN 2004).

Teaching children, teenagers and their families to choose quality food to eat together with taste and to have fun in preparing together meals and snacks is a powerful tool to improve school achievement but also the social dynamics in the classrooms and can help solve problems such as poor concentration or apathy, restlessness or aggression.

What I offer: Nutrition workshops for children and teens, nutritional education seminars for parents, grocery shopping guide.

Sport teams and associations:

The fundamental role of nutrition for the optimization of sports performance is universally recognized. For competing athletes, who require high training loads, the adoption of correct eating habits is a fundamental prerequisite to achieve and maintain a good physical and mental status and to get successful results.

Although the scientific knowledge about nutrition is quickly progressing, unfortunately a “parallel” nutritional information is also spreading, which is often poorly (when not at all) supported by scientific evidence. It is therefore essential, for the athlete, a well-founded knowledge of the eating behaviors which can favor or compromise their athletic performance.

What I offer: Nutrition seminars, body analysis with vectorial bioimpedenziometer for the evaluation of muscle mass (total body and appendicular), conventions for the members of the team / association to individual counseling.


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