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For your Wellness and Nutrition

My working method relies on the respect of the personal characteristics of the individual and is designed to guide the patient along the way to the complete well-being without any forcing. Enjoy your own way to get your own personal, conscious, new eating habits!

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Read the comments of those who have tried this method.

“I’m still at the beginning of my path with Tatiana. I approached her method  with great trust, after years of low-calories diets and consequently repeated “yo-yo”-effects. I still have a long way to go but I feel taken care of by expert hands. From the very beginning, my constant and “painful” hunger, which has been with me night and day, is disappeared”

Mrs. L. M., 46 years, Employee at the italian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Dear Tatiana, I’d like to update you about the progress of my “diet”. The occurrences I mentioned before are now oner and now I feel good on the whole […] I guess that now I put everything in balance; eating a good breakfast in the morning made my life and food change: not having hunger on my shoulder like a monkey all day long is a completely new feeling for me!!! It is such new that from time to time I feel astonished…it’s almost like I’m missing something, but I’m rapidly adapting to this warm and comforting sense of satiety, coming from a more diet which is more respectful of my physiological rhythms. Then I hope, I finally started in the right way my new “nutritional life”. I also hope that all this, together with some (although little) sport, can lead me to recover my previous well being and form, which I lost with exhausting and cruel diets. I thank you very much for your inputs and your guide”

Mrs. Maria T. C., 58 years, P.A. at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

“I started easily suddenly after our meeting to make the necessary changes, [with also the participation of my husband and my son]. It look like all of us needed a general resetting, which complies more with “human nature”. Thank you for everything”

Mrs. Roberta R., 52 years, Counselor