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Companies: Healthy eating is not only for athletes or the most health-conscious: it can be an important tool to increase the human resources potential of your company. The so called “Dieta GIFT” or “signal diet”, by modulating the hypothalamic response, can make a big difference in terms of stress resistance to, work performance and decreasing number of sick leave days. Encouraging your staff to eat good food and to lead a more active lifestyle is a safe and very interesting investment for every kind of business, from small family businesses to multinational companies.

Parents’ Associations or schools: The performance at school and behavior of our children and youths is growing strongly influenced by diet and lifestyle. Educating the little ones (and their families!) to a “ signal diet” is a powerful tool to help solving problems such as attention/memory difficulties, poor concentration/restlessness or apathy or aggressivity.

Gyms and / or personal trainer: Proper nutrition, based on the latest scientific knowledge on the hypothalamic signal regulation, is the link between a first-class sport training and maximum level performance. Make your gym or studio a ‘signal fitness centre” and you’ll get the most powerful tool to optimize, in a measurable way, your athletes’ results!


Gift: a revolutionary method to restore your wellbeing without counting calories.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the concepts at the basis of this lifestyle and of method, which was conceived and designed by Dr. Luca Speciani which is, among others, president of AMPAS (association of medical doctors for signal nutrition), supervising physician for the Italian National Team of Ultramarathon and author of more than 15 books about medicine, sport and nutrition (full CV here – italian only).

Unlike most diets, the Gift Method does not promote counting calories or limiting nutrients income. Conversely, health and wellbeing are restored by the increase of metabolic rate through a norm-calorie and norm-protein nutrition. Weight loss, where necessary, becomes a natural consequence of restored health through activating signals to the hypothalamus.

The full course is organized in two sections. The basic course (class 1+2+3) will handle the basics of our daily nutrition. At first, the course will go through the traditional concept of low-cal diets as and their negative consequences on health. Attendees will then learn how to compose their meals in order to reactivate metabolism, and discover all the hidden pitfalls of  grocery shopping (even in organic shops). The advanced course (class 4+5+6) will be centered on food sensitivities, sport nutrition and connection between psychophysical balance and nutrition.

The course will be held by Dr. Tatiana Gaudimonte, biologist and ASCA-recognized nutritionist based in Zürich. After a Msc in Biological Science at the University of Milan, Dr. Gaudimonte obtained a nutritionist diploma in Zurich. She later completed her scientific education by approaching and specializing in the “Diet GIFT” method, under direct supervision by Dr. Luca Speciani.
The course will start on 24 october 2017 and will take place at the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland. The course will be held in both English and Italian, with two available time schedules: either Tuesdays 6.30-9.00 pm, or Wednesdays 9.00-11.00 am.The basic course must be purchased in full, whereas the single classes of the advanced course can be purchased separately.

A Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis will be offered to those who attend the full course (basic + advanced).

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