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Companies: Healthy eating is not only for athletes or the most health-conscious: it can be an important tool to increase the human resources potential of your company. The so called “Dieta GIFT” or “signal diet”, by modulating the hypothalamic response, can make a big difference in terms of stress resistance to, work performance and decreasing number of sick leave days. Encouraging your staff to eat good food and to lead a more active lifestyle is a safe and very interesting investment for every kind of business, from small family businesses to multinational companies.

Parents’ Associations or schools: The performance at school and behavior of our children and youths is growing strongly influenced by diet and lifestyle. Educating the little ones (and their families!) to a “ signal diet” is a powerful tool to help solving problems such as attention/memory difficulties, poor concentration/restlessness or apathy or aggressivity.

Gyms and / or personal trainer: Proper nutrition, based on the latest scientific knowledge on the hypothalamic signal regulation, is the link between a first-class sport training and maximum level performance. Make your gym or studio a ‘signal fitness centre” and you’ll get the most powerful tool to optimize, in a measurable way, your athletes’ results!

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