GROUP A. TUESDAY, 6 – 9pm, starting from June, 6th
GROUP B. WEDNESDAY, 9 – 11am, starting from June, 7th

CLASS 1 – OVERTURNING THE TRADITIONAL CONCEPT OF DIET AND CALORIES: Why counting calories is useless and several restriction diets may attempt to health.

CLASS 2 – MEAL DISTRIBUTION AND COMPOSITION: Average and individual body requirements and their daily changes due to different activity levels

CLASS 3 – GROCERY SHOPPING: The importance of high quality food and how to avoid harmful products

CLASS 4 – FOOD SENSITIVITIES: Different diseases commonly known as “intolerances”and their solutions

CLASS 5 – NUTRITION AND STRESS: The bidirectional link between psychophysical balance and nutrition: how food and lifestyle can prevent problems such as burn out and depression

CLASS 6 – SPORT AND NUTRITION: Sport as a natural condition for humans; how nutritional needs vary due to physical activity and how to organize meals before and after training

Venue: Camera di Commercio italiana per la Svizzera – Seestrasse 123 – 8002 Zürich

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